At East Beach Dental, we realize that dental treatment can be costly. Whether you have insurance or not, we always strive to provide you with the best treatment options that most serve your needs to ensure that your treatment would be a wise long term investment towards your dental and overall health. Consultations are always free, and upon your first visit, we will be able to determine your treatment needs and provide you with the cost of that treatment.

Insured Patients: We are providers for most dental insurance plans. Upon your first visit, we will verify your insurance plan and let you know how much it will cover. If it so happens that we are not providers for your plan, we can serve as out-of-network providers or we will meet your co-pay as if we were. So regardless of your insurance, you can always become our patient!

Uninsured Patients: We offer our own in-house insurance plans! We also offer interest free financing options and payment plans.

Regardless of your financial situation, we always try to not let cost stand in the way of your wellbeing and your aesthetic goals.

Please call us or contact Alicia, our Financial Manager, at: with any questions.

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